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These are the 5 proven steps I use to help individuals create lasting change and improve their brain's processing power !

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I am Jim Costello the founder of Neuro-fit Systems, Inc. and the developer of Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique.  To learn more about my company and the protocol I developed you can visit my company page by clicking HERE!

I help individuals change their lives by maximizing their brain’s processing power and neuro-performance.  The byproduct of what I do is called brain health, AND the foundation of brain health is Neuro-Performance.  

For over fifteen years my THREE PILLAR approach and strategies have proven effective with neurologic challenges such as autism, ADHD, hyperactivity, learning differences, anxiety, addiction, and Parkinson’s.


I began my work as a Chiropractor, practicing for eighteen years before departing the field in 2000 to pursue interventions in the field of addiction and compulsive disorders.

While practicing and concurrently studying the reactive brain (sub cortical neurology), I recognized the physiologic relationship between movement and sub-cortical development. Understanding sports performance models and their capacity to improve the brain body performance, I set my path on creating my own protocol specifically to improve the brain’s processing efficiency. 


Once I had a working model, I put together an advisory group that included a neurologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, pediatrician, developmental pediatrician, endocrinologist, neuro-psychologist, internist, behavioral therapist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist to poke holes in my theoretical bucket. They did and did, then did some more until my theory was supported by scientific principles that could be delivered in a proven model.

The program I developed is called Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique. Functional Neuromotor Activation Technique (FNAT) is founded on the well-researched neuroscience principles of neuroplasticity and developmental neurology.


As a service delivery company, Neuro-fit Systems, Inc. is in the U.S.A., Australia and expanding.

About research

Neuro-fit Systems is engaged in a randomized double blind controlled research study with UCLA as the sole recruitment site as well as the treatment constant for both study groups.  I am also proud to announce that our most recent study measuring physiologic changes in response to FNAT is being conducted by Dr. Pat Levitt and supported by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


I want to bring my neuro-performance strategy to the world and help as many people as I can in taking a pro-active stance on changing their lives.


The Neuro-Performance Academy is my new information platform.  The information you will find on my blog, webinars, workshops and courses will help you identify your strategy and step by step plan to develop what I call the Neuro-Performance Blueprint® (NPB).

These are the same tools and strategies I have successfully used for my clients over the last 15 years.

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These are the 5 proven steps I use to help individuals create lasting change and improve their brain's processing power !

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